Chad's CLS statement

Hi there, my name is Chad Swanson! I've worked in Seoul as an English teacher for one year and two months, and in this time I've attended CLS for 6 months throughout Class A and Class B. Living in Seoul has produced many memories for me, but none are as precious to me as the memories I've made in CLS. Every Saturday I've worked hard to learn reading, writing, listening, and speaking Korean; it has been wonderful for living in Korea and, ironically, has made me a better English teacher in many ways. Korean is a beautifully scientific language; complex, yet simple and logical in so many ways. My CLS teachers volunteer their time and energy every weekend, bestowing on me not only knowledge, but friendship.


That's what CLS is really about at the end of the day: friendship. Despite one's ability, there is a place in CLS for any person willing to make wonderful friends, memories, and gain some useful knowledge in the process. Thanks so much to Cho Eunyoung, Kim Jiyeon, Kim Yongwoo, and Lee Woomin. They've been fantastic teachers, and more importantly, amazing friends. Every moment I've had at CLS was time well-spent, and I'd recommend any person, of any ability, to join this wonderful family.